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About Cobra...

...and building an all-inclusive Star Citizen community

The Cobra mask and Cobra character began in 2013, The COBRA TV Show which started in 2014 was made to bring a variety of gaming news, videos, and anything else gaming related to his viewers.

From games like No Man’s Sky, he now brings his massive amount of energy and flare to Star Citizen.

Currently on the RSI website, he has already hit more than 2’500 clan members with more joining every week, and a Discord with over 3’500 users. With nearly 60k subscribers on YouTube and over 950 videos on this forum and he has now turned his hand to Twitch he has already built up close to 11k of followers.

Recently deciding to go full time as a content creator to meet demands he has more content now than ever and you can join him in the universe and actually play along side him in the game! Join the org on Discord and join in this comunity of fantastic people from all over the world!


Members that are more than willing to help and teach you, or just hang out and have fun. Not only does he continue to build a comunity, but a family, not just in Star Citizen but also in the real world.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and hopefully join us in this community to help make the cobra dream a reality! Thank you, and may the Verse be with you!