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You’ve found CobraTV.live – the official source of all things CobraTV, and Vega related and one of the best sources of SC info. We are a community of gamers focused around Star Citizen with streamers online in nearly every time zone. CobraTV and the CoBro Force are open and welcome to all future, past, and current players of Star Citizen. Our main live stream typically begins at 5PM EDT Tuesday through Saturday. During the stream, we allow players to agree to our terms of service and enter the live stream channel at will.

CobraTV and the Cobro Force routinely engage in a variety of activities ranging from exploration, ground combat, trading, mining, ship testing, and more! Learn more about Star Citizen by watching the stream or sign into Discord and participate live! No matter what your playstyle, experience, or preference, there’s a place for you at CobraTV!
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  • Star Citizen Book Club which airs on Sundays, learn about the lore with me

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  • Live edit once per week. Maybe every friday night after the show, but for sure one day a week !If there isnt a video to edit, I will either record and then edit on live, or research the past streams to find content suitable for YT. Or we will make one together.

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Join our live adventures in the verse from tuesday till saturday on Twitch.tv